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A little bit about the place we call home.

Nerina’s name comes from the indigenous South African flower, Nerine Filifolia. This delicate, yet enduring flower brings colour to the open grasslands and humid locations in the Eastern Cape, Transkei, Swaziland, Mpumalanga and the Free State. It takes three years for this bulbous to bloom for the first time during autumn – and likewise most Nerinas are rooted here in our precious home in Stellenbosch for about three years before they need to exit into the world and start to bloom in their respective careers.

Nerina hosted our first residents in 1968. The residence was only completed in 1972 and for the first four years the residents had to use the back entrance next to the bicycle stands, as the front door was not yet complete. Mrs Rabie was Nerina’s first residence head. Her dog, Brutus, was a beloved resident of the house and unfortunately passed a tragic death. He is laid to rest in Nerina’s soil where he still finds peace in the purple shade of our beautiful Jacaranda with our resident owls reminiscing over his memory.

Oh, the stories our walls could tell… Stories filled with love, tears, joy and growth. Since 1968 Nerina has been home to many. With every new face that she greets, her face changes as well. While striving to grow and adapt as time goes by, we also know that our firm foundation was laid long before our time and will stand long after we leave. We often say, “Nerina is such a big part of our lives” but in fact, for a little while, we have the privilege of being part of hers.

Today Nerina’s heart blooms with pride for our residence – a progressive and innovative home-away-from-home in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch. We stand for respect, integrity, Ubuntu and potential development. We have continued this legacy by providing students with a stable environment in which to excel at their academic studies and social lives. Our resident head, Joy Petersen, fills our house with love, care and… you guessed it – JOY!

In this house, true to the roots of our name, Nerinas prosper and flourish.


Below you’ll find our core values.


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles is a core value of Nerina as it builds a strong foundation of trust within the residence.


Ubuntu is the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects us all. A strong sense of community is what makes the house a home.


Nerina is founded on the core principle of respect. Having a respectful house is crucial in maintaining harmony.

Developing Potential

We want every Nerina lady to arrive feeling welcomed, challenged during their stay and changed when they leave and thus one of our values is developing potential.

Our Home Away From Home

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If you have any questions or would like to know a bit more about Nerina Residence, feel free to get in touch with our Executive Team or our wonderful Resident Head, Joy.

Joy Petersen
Resident Head
Elham Shaik
Executive Leader
Francis Olivier
Vice-Executive Leader
Leané Grey
Vice-Executive Leader
Our Location

Nerina is located at Stellenbosch University. The residence is about a 5-minute walk to the main campus and is situated amongst the other university residences.