Newcomers 2021

Anything and everything you'll need as a first year.
Welcome to Nerina!
All you need to know for your new journey
A Welcome Guide To Nerina

Anything and everything you need to know about your new home is in your Welcoming Booklet!

Cent Form

Help Nerina to raise money for charity and the surrounding community.

Helpful Contacts

A list of helpful Stellenbosch contact numbers to help you find your feet.

Matie Bike Rental

A quick guide on how to get your hands on a stylish matie bike.

Campus Map

The Stellenbosch University campus map to help you find your way around.

Residence Room Guide

A short guide on everything you might or might not need for your room in res.

Internet Registration

A step by step guide on how to connect to the Stellenbosch internet.

Bike & Washing Shed Access

Fill in this quick form to get student card access to the sheds.

University Parking

A quick break-down on how to register for Stellenbosch University parking.

Meet the NCC of 2020/2021
Frequently Asked Questions